Buhrs BB300 inserting system, yr 2002 OK1350

The Buhrs BB300 envelope inserter is designed for standard applications for DL-C4 formats. This Buhrs BB 300 envelope inserting system allows you to process different materials and paper qualities fast, with high format flexibility and utmost reliability. As a result, the Buhrs BB300 envelope inserter especially service bureaus and direct mail providers who choose this system to handle large mailing volumes.
The feeders of the Buhrs BB300 envelope inserting system can be placed at any position.
The configuration of this immediate available Buhrs BB300 envelope inserter is:

6 stations base
4 AT25 rotary feeders
1 AS25 shuttle feeder
Inserting and closing section + 13mm package
Eject gate
Lining table

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