Buhrs BB300 AT25 Rotary Feeder

This Buhrs BB300 rotary feeder can be positioned on any empty position of any mechanic driven Buhrs BB300 envelope inserting system. The rotary feeder can handle products such as single sheets up to products and / or magazines with a thickness of 3mm. The Buhrs BB300 rotary feeder needs only one empty position on the gathering trace, in case of using a 90 degrees turning kit the rotary feeder uses 2 positions on the gathering trace of the envelope inserting system.

We do have several available:
AT25 right version (old colour S5) "as is"

AT25 right version (new colour S7) "as is"

AT25 right version (new colour S7) refurbished

These feeders can be mountend on any:

Buhrs BB300

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