Buhrs 2000 filmwrappingsystem, yr 2001 (SOLD)Buhrs 3000 filmwrappingsytem

The Buhrs 2000 filmwrappingsystem improves the presentation of journals, magazines and other quality media product. The Buhrs 2000 filmwrapping system /polybagging system is adapted to the operator's requirement for ergonomics, is also easy to clean and provides quick and easy access for set-up, operation, service and maintenance.

The configuration of this immediate available Buhrs 3000 filmwrapping system / polybagging system is:

Shuttle feeder
Vacuum opener
3 rotary feeders
Labelingstation incl inkjet


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Buhrs HF3 feeder

Friction feeder, AS NEW
Buhrs HF3 feeder

Buhrs BB700 yr 2009 

Buhrs BB700 inserter
Buhrs BB700

Buhrs and Sitma spares 

Spare parts from stock
Spares & Service

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